HUE:BLOODLINE is a global installation piece with a Houston BLOODLINE  at the epicenter. Each image is a HUE and when there are a string of HUE's together that is a BLOODLINE. The first person who looked at a HUE image made by a unique person and then compared that to their own personal HUE-- the reaction was overwhelmingly celebratory and continues to be. The images are quite stunning both near and far.  

I am so excited to build the smart phone application that interfaces with the web site to which users can log in, take and upload their HUE portrait, construct BLOODLINE galleries, order prints.  In 1999, I built my first website and haven't stopped since. My skills laying mapping out the structure for functionality and interface design. My role will be to work with an experienced iOS developer to lead the development of this project. I will assist and learn the code protocols and capabilities.  As an experienced project manager for clients such as the University of Houston, The Menil Collection and The Houston Endowment I have proved track record for managing complex projects and delivering on time. 

Conceptually, this work is about a oneness, about a beautiful color with millions of HUES. Which is so clearly in front of us we sometimes cant see.

Aesthetically,  this work is quite the opposite to my last project "trying to find my way…" which explored finding a contemplative space within the construct of too much information.  The HUE:BLOODLINE project is nuanced and complex in so many of the same ways. However, in comparing the two projects the proposed one communicated in a subtle and delicate way as opposed to the sometimes harsh and confusing images in the "TTFMY" portfolio.


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