David A. Brown

everyday Artist Statement

I am an artist. The camera is my preferred medium.  I capture images that explore the magnificence and splendor of metropolitan life.  I strive to capture the banality, to record the complexity of the American social landscapes with a strong appreciation of formal values—composition, line, form, density.  My images expose the dreamlike reality that surrounds us everyday.  I document the process of my life, the diverse experiences and adventures, even the doldrums…. As in any urban area, there is conflict between man and nature.  This ongoing struggle influences my work.

When I press the shutter, I am executing an assessment of my surroundings.  My eye is trained on details, generally obscure and over looked ones.  The simple acts of bending down, lying on the ground or looking up are simple ways to see the larger diverse environment we inhabit. My frames are densely packed with visual information, a puzzle for the viewer. I treat the urban landscape as if it were nature, with the same attitude—to capture, isolate and frame what is out there, creating order out of chaos.

These images are devoid of people. These are very formal images that present everyday content in a new way—a dreamlike documentation of what is available.  Simple adjustments in perception profoundly impact how one sees, and what one sees.

My images appear beautiful on the surface, but more often than not, upon closer inspection, their beauty is put into conflict with some aspect of the photo (subject matter, perspective, light and shadow, etc…)—the mundane framed as the extraordinary.